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The range of functions of the Indigo Mode software that you describe on this website is very comprehensive and impressive. Is the software really intended for smaller companies with few employees?

Absolutely! The Indigo Software Suite is designed to grow with your success! This scalability makes it particularly suitable for smaller companies with few employees. Should you then achieve the desired economic success, hire more employees or need to map more complex processes, then Indigo is still just right!

We often work with tablet computers in customer dialogs. Can we use Indigo on them as well?

Yes, absolutely! The user interface of the Indigo Fashion software is "responsive", i.e. it automatically adapts to the end device: Whether you call up Indigo with the company PC, a tablet PC or a smartphone, the display is always optimal. The user interface does not simply shrink (that would be far too confusing), but the page is optimized for the respective end device. So working with Indigo is always fun, no matter what device you are working with!

Do we need to install anything on our workstations to use Indigo?

No, you really don't need to install anything - except maybe a free PDF reader. Indigo was developed using the latest standard browser-based technologies. That means you just open your favorite browser, log in with the credentials we gave you, and get started!

Data Privacy & Data security

Do you sell our personal data?

No. Our business model is based on producing the highest quality software and selling software licenses. We do not trade with addresses and do not pass on your data. We guarantee this with a corresponding DSGVO-compliant data protection declaration, which you as a customer receive as a supplement to the license agreement.

Is our data secure?

Data security is our top priority! We are pleased when you, as a customer, choose Indigo Fashion Software to manage your fashion business. We are aware that at this moment it is your business critical application. Consequently, we take the utmost care in developing the application, operating the system and also securing the data. Our approach is compliant with the German Data Protection Act (BDSG).

Where is the server on which you run the Indigo Fashion software?

The servers are located in two physically separated data centers in Hamburg and Berlin and are operated by German companies and according to German data protection guidelines.

Do you have access to our business data?

Since we operate the server, we have, technically speaking, of course sovereignty over the entire data stock. And this is a good thing in the sense of our customers: So we can offer appropriate help in case of technical problems or in case of accidentally deleted entries. We have no interest in evaluating your data. Our employees only look at the data at your request and in the event of a problem.

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